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What is DETER?
DETER Personal Protection Products is a family oriented business. Providing legal, safe, quality Self defense products for you and your family. We carry pepper sprays, stun guns, Tasers and home security devices. We are here to help.

Safety: What is a Taser?

Isn't a TASER the same as a stun gun? Nope. TASERS and stun guns are two different devices. Both emit an electrical shock, but the way the shock is emitted is different—let me explain.

Stun guns have two metallic posts on them which when touched to an assailant and activated it emits a high voltage low amperage electrical shock, that penetrates the muscles to immobilize the assailant. They are quite popular and inexpensive. Most come with built in lights and a disabling pin, to prevent the device from being used against you. TASERS on the other hand use the same type of shock but with one big difference.

TASERS utilize a projectile delivery system, allowing you to keep distance between you and an assailant. Replaceable cartridges make the device reusable. It also doubles as a stun gun, if an assailant gets to close. Metallic posts on the cartage can emit an electrical shock as well. TASERS come in various models, C2 (consumer grade) M26 and X26c (professional grade) and many more.

The C2 is the least expensive starting at around $300.00. Its small size is easy to carry and shoots to a maximum range of 15 feet. The M26 and X26c are closely modeled after the law enforcement versions with extra bells and whistles and a shooting range of 35 feet. The price tag is a bit higher, closer to $1,000.00.

If you buy a TASER it arrives inactive. To activate your TASER you must pass a felony background check. If you have a clear record TASER will issue you a unique pin number, which will activate your TASER. There is a small fee for the background check.

There is an added bonus for those purchasing a TASER C2. The TASER company has a lifetime replacement guarantee. If you ever have to use the C2 simply drop it and escape, file a police report and send TASER a copy. TASER will replace your C2 for free. This only applies to incidents in the United States.

A TASER is a sophisticated effective self defense device with a size-able price tag compared to a stun gun, but is it worth the money? Well, that depends on you. What is your safety or your families safety worth? Personally I carry one and even if I never have to use it, the piece of mind I have is well worth the expense.

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Pepper Gard 10% - Pepper Spray - Self defense product

Pepper Gard 10%

Police strength pepper spray w/UV dye (for identification). Safety flap prevents accidental sprays. Size: .52 ounce (15 g), Range: 6–12 feet

Price: $14.95

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Lipstick Stun gun - rechargable w/flashlight - Self defense product, legal in most areas, safety pin, buy onlin - Sacramento

Lipstick size Stun gun

This 950,000 volt stun gun with rechargable battery (charger included) means you will always be prepared. Built-in flash light is a useful extra. Wrist strap/disabling pin gives you control. Dimensions 3” x 3/4”

Price: $28.95

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Taser C2 - Pink - Self defense product - Buy now online - Sacramento

Taser C2

Taser C2 w/integrated laser sight, has the same technology as law enforcement models. Comes with: 1 Taser C2 cartridge, 1lithium batter & Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (see Taser page for info).

Price: $349.99

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Personal Alarm with Flashlight - Self defense product

Personal Alarm w/Flashlight

This 130db ear piercing alarm is equipped with a flashlight, useful for dark parking lots or when entering a dark building. Activate the alarm by removing the activation pin attached to the wrist strap. Go anywhere size is perfect for who needs a little extra protection!

Price: $15.00

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